Rugby Club NSA Sofia

Mladost 7s, Olimpija 7s, Women Regional Rugby Sevens, Copa de Mujeres Locas

Rugby Club NSA was founded in 1959, by students at the Higher Institute for Physical Culture and Sports, today National Sports Academy. Women’s NSA rugby team was founded in 1998 by students from the Commercial and Banking Secondary School and the National Sports Academy.
Over the past years, the club has built its own development system for women’s rugby.
The club owns over 20 titles of the national championship for women’s 15 and 7 rugby, National Cups and international awards, and provides about 90% of female players for the Bulgarian national team.

Major Rugby Club NSA women’s team achivements:
– Nine time winners at the Sofia 7s (out of 15 tournament editions)
– Bronze Medalist at the European University Championship in Sofia – 2013
– Silver Medalist at the University Games in Rotterdam – 2014
– Two times winners at the Belgrade 7s tournament – 2014 and 2018
– 2nd place at the Orange Cup in Chisinau – 2014
– 5th place at the World Student Championship in Rome – 2008

RC NSA Sofia Players

Teodora Widewa6700009944
Angelina Pleshkova6200006634
Natalia Clipka5200006629
Polina Zhulkevska4300003326
Veronika Tasleva2000009910
Snejana Popadić000000660
Sara Mohamadi000010330
Miglena Vasileva000000200
Zhivka Ivanova000000980
Maja Ilieva000000970
Plamena Pantaleeva000000320
Žaklina Ivanova000000330
Gligoria Naneva000000000