Esztergomi Vitézek Suzuki RAFC

Derventa 7s, Esztergom 7s, Mladost 7s, Sofija 7s, Split 7s, Women Regional Rugby Sevens, Copa de Mujeres Locas
2018/19, 2019/20

The first female rugby player in Hungary played in Esztregomi. It was Edina Glummercz, born in 1982. Since, then there was no women’s team, she played with younger boys who were born between 1995 and 1998. During the next 10 years more and more young girls joined the club and in 2008 the first sevens rugby Esztergomi Vitézek women’s team was founded. The skippers during the time were Kata Németh, Niki Schmidt, Hanna Fehér and Dalma Nádas.

During the past years more than 100 female rugby players have tried rugby in touch or in contact version and every season Esztergomi ladies take part in the Hungarian Championship. In the season 2017-18 Esztergomi Vitézek women’s team had a big success with reaching Bronze medal in the women’s Hungarian Championship. Esztergomi Vitézek women’s team also produced several Hungarian International players. Kitti Horváth, Bianka Katona, Johanna Éles and Rebeka Elekes were and are members of National senior team and Rebeka Lakatos, Barbara Bélai-Bedő and Boglásrka Vígh were and are members of National age graded teams. Currently Esztergomi Vitézek women’s team have over 30 registered players in 3 teams: seniors, U16 and U14. Some of Esztergom ladies play rugby XV and some of them took the opportunity to play abroad.

Coaching a ladies team is a hard job. Robert Deli, Balazs Bohm, Jozsef Remsik and Gregoire Collet did a lot of work with this very young team, but in the last few years Gabor Biro organizes more and more internatioal games and has a great succes with the Esztergomi ladies teams.


Esztergom Vitézek Players

1Gizela Katlin Gyarmaty10000019165
2Kitti Horváth34100001919172
3Rebeka Lakatos6150000151460
4Johanna Éles30000013315
5Rebeka Elekes110000012925
6Vivien Szilagyi00000012100
7Barbara Bélai-Bedő01000011102
8Boglásrka Vigh1000001195
9Hanna Keresztesi20000011910
10Greta Lencses0000001030
11Adriana Jonas20000010510
12Bianka Elekes100000935
13Beatrix Farkas2000008610
14Laura Mandanics3000007715
15Rebeka Toth110000447
16Zouzsanna Granith2300004416
17Reka Haidu100000415
18Bianka Katana000000200
19Eniko Rocsak100000115