Ženski Akademski Ragbi Klub Mladost Zagreb

Derventa 7s, Mladost 7s, Olimpija 7s, Sinj 7s, Split 7s, Women Regional Rugby Sevens, Copa de Mujeres Locas
2017/18, 2018/19, 2021/22

ŽARK Mladost exists and has been working successfully since year 2000. After the first training session in the presence of twenty girls and under the leadership of his first trainer prof. Zdenko Jajčević, club started writing history and became part of elite rugby in Croatia.

The first international match of the competitor ŽARK Mladost team took place on October 31, 2001. with Rugby Club RFC-NRC from Nice, France. At that time ŽARK Mladost played rugby XV, but in time it turned out that it was best for the club to continue to develop rugby 7 team.
Over the next couple of years, ŽARK Mladost took parto f various tournaments, both domestic and international, and the team brought many victories, which only confirmed that Seven-a-side rugby was the good choice.

In 2003, the Federation of International Rugby Associations (FIRA – today Rugby Europe) invited the Croatian women’s Rugby Union team to the 1st European Championship in Rugby 7, held in the French town of Lunel from 23 to 24 May. Since ŽARK Mladost was the only women’s club in Cratia at that time, Croatian National team was composed of ŽARK Mladost members. The Croatian National team was placed in “Group B” together with France, Sweden, Portugal and Bulgaria.
After winning over Bulgaria and Norway, the Croatian national team won 7th place, and the first scorer was Maja Tandarić (Vitić).


Standing from left: Dubravka Novarlić, Petra Horvatić, Romana Karlović, Ardiana Iseni, Marina Dujmusic, Maja Tandarić and Zdenko Jajčević
Kneeling from left: Sunčica Jajčević, Katarina Fancev, Snježana Markač, Gloria Molak, Samanta Karlović and Zvonimira Šimat

2012 can be considered as a year of success – 3 of our players play for the Croatian National team which won the 2nd place in the EP in Bulgaria and secured Moscow qualifiers for the 2013 World Cup.

In the past couple of years, former coaches Krešimir Slaviček, Zvonimir Grašić and current coach Željka Butković have been following the development of ŽARK Mladost players rugby skills, contributing to the individual’s progress as well as the team, leading them to various domestic and international competitions. Development and progress are visible from the achieved successes at these competitions.


The current ŽARK Mladost performs its sporting activity, receives new competitors every day, attends many tournaments and takes care of the sport’s progress of each individual competitor.
The club competes in official competitions in the Republic of Croatia and participates in other domestic and international competitions (Austrian Championship, Hungarian Championship, Mirko Petternel Tournament, Snow Rugby Tervisio …).


ŽARK Mladost Players

1Patricija Pribeg200000181810
2Valerija Kršak550010181835
3Erna Hamzagić500000161625
4Micole Žic890000161658
5Ružica Zidar200010161610
6Ivona Krpečanec300010141215
7Paula Kralj1200000121260
8Matea Brleković100000975
9Leonarda Škaro000000860
10Mathilde Ann Frouscaq100000415
11Barbara Mratović000000220
12Nika Zuber000000000
13Ela Sever000000000
14Stella Mišić000000000
15Barbara Lažec000000000
16Ema Ščulac000000000
17Lucija Jurić000000000
18Ana Marija Jurilj000000000
19Dorotea Šafranić000000000